Dusty: The BIG Battery and It's Moving

I got a sealed 6V lead acid battery. This is the sort that you might see powering a "Power Wheels" kids car. I also picked up a charger. I selected the 6V so that I could power the Arduino directly off of it without having to step it down from 12V (a more common battery voltage).

I hooked it all up and no magic smoke came out and Dusty started to lurch forward. I have the speed set slow and was just pulsing the motor for a second so he didn't run off. The whisker bump sensors aren't connected so I did have to stop him before he got too far.

The battery worked well. It clearly has enough power to run the motors and Arduino at the same time. It's difficult to say how long the battery will last but if Dusty can bump around for 30-60 minutes that would be great. I'm not sure what the current draw will be. The battery is rated at 7 amp/hours. I expect I can recharge the battery overnight.