ADS-B Raspi Shopping List

While I didn't use PiAware for my Raspi RTL-SDR ADS-B and ACARS receiver, FlightAware does have a good shopping list. It can be found at:

My version of the list includes:
  • Raspberry Pi 3 
    • I used a 3B+ but you could also use a 4
  • Power supply
    • 5v, 2.5 Amp with micro USB connector
  • Micro SD Card
    • At least 8GB
    • I used a 32GB for plenty of space and they're cheap
    • You can use any of the popular ones
    • I used the Blog one (not an endorsement)
  • Micro SD Card reader/writer
    • Your laptop probably has one or get an external one
  • 1090 Mhz Antenna
  • Optional: An ADS-B filter and/or amplifier
    • I've gotten excellent reception without them
    • I have them but don't use them  
  • Optional: USB extension cable
    • The RTL-SDR is over sized and an extension cable really helps.
Some of my equipment

Of course, you'll need a computer, an OS image (I'd recommend downloading Raspian distro from ) and, you'll need a SD image writer like Etcher.

In another post I'll go into how I setup my system.

If you'll be attending DEFCON, the Aviation Village will be having workshops on building a Raspi ADS-B receiver and demos. This is a good kit list to bring to the workshop.