Dusty: Aviation Village "Airplane Hacking" Competition

The DEFCON Aviation Village announced it's "airplane" hacking contest.

Details on the contest can be found at the Aviation Village contest page.

The goal of the contest is to "hack"/"pimp" a kids airplane scooter. The scooter is supposed to be "Dusty" from the Disney film Planes.

Five teams will be selected, based on their proposals, to receive a free, stock, Dusty, to hack.

The judges will pick the most cool hacked/pimped airplane made by the contestants.

If you're not a proposal winner you can still bring your own Dusty and compete in the contest. But you must use the exact same model as provided by the Village.

You can purchase Dusty at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MX2TQ1M or other retailers as long as it is the same one.

If your entry has some very unique features, the village may ask you to bring it back in future years. Think big and have a development plan if you'd like to bring your Dusty back in the future.

Since I'm a member of the village I won't be competing but I did get one of the the target airplanes for myself. I'll be documenting my "hacks" of the airplane here.

Stay tuned for a tear down and inspection of the airplane.